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Mar. 12th, 2013

Uncertainty is not fun

I had my interview today. I think it went ok, just ok. I may have over emphasized my desire to advance with in a company. I do hope I get a call back. It is going to be the perfect shift for me! 8-4:30 with my weekends back!!! I hope hope hope i get a call back.

As for my current job, I some how took 83 phone calls yesterday. CRAZY!!! idk how I did it lol

Still waiting on the final results of checkpoint 2 to see if I will be the top agent. I should find out tmrw.

Mar. 9th, 2013

confusion on the horizon

so much has happened. I got an unexpected phone call for a job interview with another, much smaller, insurance company. I have so many pros and cons to weigh. Leaving a large corporation and going to smaller corporation. Will I still have opportunities to advance with in the company? Is it worth taking a pay cut to get a shift I actually like. I also won't be doing the same job. The position at the smaller company is for an accounts receivable position. So a benefit it is getting away from a call center environment. So many things to look into... the interview is on tuesday.

On another note... I may be top agent again. It is between me and another girl. We are just awaiting the final numbers. I would be very happy to receive this honor for a 2nd time. But if I do not I am very happy for the other girl. She deserves it, she has worked very hard too.

on ward and upward...

Mar. 3rd, 2013

A new day a new attitude

I enjoyed my day off yesterday, for the most part. I always feel rushed on my days off like I cant truly enjoy my free time. I hope that will be changing soon.

I am going into work today in a not so good mood. I always feel like working sundays I miss out on so much. I miss out on the fun saturday nights and then on sundays I am limited. No more sunday dinner with my family (if we have one) and its one less weekend day I cant see my man.

Hopefully we will not be crazy busy like we have been the past couples weeks... i doubt it tho. I just need to get it together today and push thru these hard times. Keep my chin up cuz its going to be over before i know it.

I wouldn't mind seeing my man later, its a long shot, but a girl can dream.

Mar. 2nd, 2013

Climbing up hill

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel... you may not always be able to see it tho. My light is 1 week and 1 month away. The day I get certified at work and am able to move on thru the company.

In my last post I expressed my concern for not being able to make my calls per day. Well yesterday at work I was challenged by my supervisor to have 62 calls per day. This will be my goal for check point 3. I did meet and exceed the goal I ended with 67 calls yesterday. I am very pleased with my work. I now know I can do it. Now the goal is to make this happen more regularly then sporadically.

On an even better note... I got my apartment cleaned before 11am today. Now I have the rest of the day to relax and go see a play later on. YAY!

Mar. 1st, 2013

Almost 8 years later

I look back over a few of my past entries and see just how immature and blind I was to life. Thank goodness I have grown up a little since then. I'm finally a big girl now. Got my own place, a great job and a man who is true to me.

I find myself wanting to use this blog for the purposes of my job. I want to be very successful but I am struggling in a few metrics. I have talked it to death with my boyfriend Cory, I'm afraid he will never call me again lol j/k! The next best option is to write down my thoughts and feelings to help me work toward my goals.

My current struggle at work is making my calls per day metric. I am trying to find ways to shave down my talk time and to learn how to move a call along with out insulting a customer. I need to find a happy balance of quality and quantity. Which I feel quality totally out weighs quantity. Just because you take over 80 calls a day does not mean those calls are of good quality.

This struggle has become particularly important to me as of late because I am approaching my last check point for training. In the next checkpoint I need at least 62 calls per day to be rated a 3(average). In this current check point I need 58 calls per day, I'm getting high 40's and low 50's. If I don't get this number up I will not be certified at the end of check point 3. This means I will need to stay in training longer. I don't want to be in training any longer then I need to. The shift is a pain in the butt!10-6:30 i'm off tuesdays and saturdays. I want my life back!

My goal for today is to go in to work refreshed and ready to take the day on. I give my self a goal of 10 calls per hour. Hopefully today will be the day to achieve that goal :O)
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Apr. 14th, 2005

he can't see this

So I fucking love you OK!!! its to bad that your of fucking new girls. You told em we would take a week apart to so I could get my shit done and what are you doing meeting and fucking new girls. well thats just fucking peachy. I knew you were fucking with my head anyway. You dont really like me you never wanna see my fucking face again. Just admit it. I hate you for doing this to me for making me feel the way I do. I want so bad to call you and be like whats really going on. do you wanna work this out or are you just fucking me over. Cuz if your fucking me over then go away and dont ever come back. I poured my goddamn heart out to you. but that doesn't matter cuz that would mean i'm guilting you back into this relationship. you wanted to break up cuz you met another girl probably... oh and BTW your ex is single i wonder how many times you've called her.


Jan. 20th, 2005

Sounds about right

You scored as Loner.








Drama nerd








Ghetto gangsta


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GO away, get lost, just die

I hate you, you fucking dumb piece of shit! Why can't you just mind your own damn business and stay the fuck out of mine and chris's. FUCK! just die already so i never have to see your cute face again. You have no reason to tak to me no reason to be in my life. I dont want you in my life... I only want chris not you... you do not come with him. I want to be able to hold him close and not have your face in my mind. I want you gone... gone like the mother f***ing wind. JUST DIE!!!!

Oct. 27th, 2004

Its been fun

Well i guess its time for me to leave my live journal now. Im going to be in my space from now on. If anyone is on there and is interested in adding me as a buddy or wanting to join my blog grou *lonely souls merge* Just loko for my name is scorpions*scar*boys Hope to see you there... Bye Everyone *much love to all my friends*

Oct. 25th, 2004

Its all a dream

I could of sworn last night was a dream. For mine and Chris's 1 month anniversary we went to Salvatore's. OMG! it was insane i felt so uncomfortable there. I got so nervous that i actually had to walk out side to get some fresh air. The food was delicious. I got chicken marsala... its very good. Chris got stuffed veal chop... that was gross looking. EWWWW! he ate a baby cow. I think im going to call chris just to say I love him. I felt bad cuz i didnt eat any of my dinner at salvatores but as soon as i got home i pigged out on it... chris would laugh cuz i told him that was going to happen. I gave chris my permission to read my journal so he knows whats going through my mind... theres alot going through my mind lol. But yeah last night was wonderful. The even cooler part was the people at the table next to us had an extra coupon and the waiter told them they couldnt use it and since it expiered today they gave it to us. The coupon took $30 off our bill. It basically cut our bill in half. I guess chris really does like me alot... i think i can stop being paranoid now. I really hope he falls deeplyin love with me, i've never had a guy do that. i guess it could be pretty neat to feel that loved. But like he said its going to take time... well babe i got all the time in the world for you. I LOVE YOU!!!

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